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Making a major gift

Raising funds to support our work is a major and ongoing task and in the past this has been helped by a few benefactors making major contributions to our organisation.

Such gifts enable us to increase and broaden our impact.  We will be able to make a real difference to women and children facing current domestic abuse and or sexual violence.  We will also be able to help those who have survived abuse and are now in the process of rebuilding their lives – a process which can sometimes take years to complete.

Our future depends on philanthropic support and we welcome anyone who feels able to contribute and help us build a better future for women and children.

What we do with your money

  • Donated funds may go towards supporting the women and children living in refuge
  • Funds will also help with our ongoing wellbeing programme which helps survivors rebuild their lives with activities to help them learn new skills, regain confidence and connect with their community. Art and singing workshops for example, have costs in terms of materials and professional practitioners
  • Donations will enable us to employ specialist counsellors to support women to recover from long term emotional impacts of abuse
  • Your money may also be used to help children rebuild their lives and learn what about healthy relationships
  • Women and children who have experienced abuse have lived in fear and isolation, donated funds can be used to help families make good memories and have fun

Gift Aid – making the most of your money

Donating through Gift Aid means charities can claim an extra 25p for every £1 donated. It will not cost you any extra.

A huge thank you to our main funders

Our Funders & Patrons
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